Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is Good...Even When You Have the Flu

Well, it is a good thing that I had a flu shot this year because it really did lessen the symptoms of the flu bug that got me this week. I think about feeling sick for 24-36 hours and then laugh. Cory was sick for five and a half years! What a courageous little boy he was...and so many other pediatric cancer patients too. They go through so darn much and no one wants to think about kids being sick or God forbid dying but it happens. Cancer is the NUMBER ONE disease killer of kids in our country. More kids die from cancer than all of the other diseases combined. So, why is it so darn hard to get people to listen and care? I love my dogs and my cat and I hate to throw them under the bus but American people care more about animal abuse issues than foster kids, abandoned and abused kids and certainly more than kids with a life threatening disease. Where are our priorities anyway? That is something that will always puzzle me and also push me to work for the children like Cory whose families need help. Anyone want to help me?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Silver & Gold Friendships

I just had a wonderful day that started off with me getting a parking ticket because I was in such a hurry that I accidentally parked in front of a wheelchair ramp that was placed in the middle of a long block. I have always seen them at corners and cross walks so I was a bit bummed about it. But that didn't last for long.

I had brunch with my nephew's mother who has always been like a sister to me. We had a nice long visit. I always feel so good whenever I get to spend time with her. She is truly a wonderful person.

My second date was with Marcia Shaver who is someone that I met a week and a half ago. She is finishing up a book and using the same publisher that I did. We had tea and chatted. I gave her my book to read. A few days later she sent an email telling me that one of the people in my book was her best friend and neighbor. I was so thrilled to get an update on Elaine. So, Marcia arranged for us to all have tea today. It was so great to see Elaine. It has been years. She was my son's hospice nurse. She is such a softy that she started to cry as soon as she saw me. Then, she told me how she keeps Cory's picture on her calendar and that she still thinks of him all the time. It was very sweet to hear that. She also shared with me a "visit" Cory made to her to tell her good-bye. Also, very touching.

We talked for two hours. It was so nice. At one point she told me what a good mommy I was to my son and how much she learned from me about parenting. She was childless when she took care of Cory. It was so sweet of her to tell me that I should have no regrets because I courageously took unpopular stands on his behalf and how I was way ahead of my time in demanding that the healthcare professionals respect my son's end of life wishes. Wow what a gift she gave me today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life is a whirlwind!

We just hosted two beautiful young women from Korea. They became part of our household for six weeks. It was so great to get to know them but even better to watch them learn about our culture and improve their language skills. Our language has to be the worst possible language to try to learn. We have so many slang words incorporated into our every day use and also the silent E. That was amusing. But, one day Steve realized that Bella wasn't sure how to answer his question. It dawned on him that we have a bad habit of asking questions in the negative and thereby confusing non-English speakers. For example we might say something such as, "so, you won't be home for dinner this evening?" rather than asking "will you be joining us for dinner?" Once we realized what we were saying it was mindblowing to see how often we did that and our friends too! Having the girls stay with us helped me to realize that we are a nation of arrogance...we think everyone should think the way that we do... we are not the center of the universe.