Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Radio Interviews Updated & Alison Baughman's Visible by Numbers

Be sure to tune in on WEDNESDAY- MAY 19th at 8pm PST for my interview with another wonderful woman that I am excited to chat with about Cory...Dr. Linda on her show "Fire Up Your Soul!" on ContactTalkRadio...

SUNDAY, May 23rd 7pm PST- Ronda & Tim Bertram's "Circles of Sand" - ContactTalkRadio Ronda and her husband Tim co-host the show that encompasses every aspect of life and love.

SUNDAY, June 13th 6pm PST-Helen Smalley-Bower "Fine Tune YoU"-BBS Radio... Helen says, "I am a spiritual director, holistic theologian, and certified life coach. I combine all three disciplines to provide different choices for life's challenges." Fits right in with my story.

FRIDAY, June 25th 8pm PST - Carol Kline's "Streetwise Spirituality"- ContactTalkRadio... Carol's goal is to make sense out of life's most confusing moments and to help her listeners tame their dragons and move on with their lives.

MONDAY, July 26th 5pm PST
I just got booked by a lovely woman in Pennsylvania who does numerology. We had a nice chat. She sounds wonderful and so talented. While talking with her I told her how when I was pregnant with Keili and the doctor told me that I could choose the due date (planned C-section) I called Dr. Bill Womack and asked him to do numerology to help choose the best date during the week we had been given to choose from. Brie wanted to have her sister's birth on Pearl Harbor Day because on the calendar it was the only date of significance and she thought it was a holiday. We nixed that explaining to her that Pearl Harbor Day wasn't a good choice for our family. So, we left it in Bill's hands. Well, Alison confirmed that Keili's godfather Bill whom she refers to as Ding Dong Bill (long story for another time) had chosen a great birthday for his godchild. So, big excitement for me - she asked me to send her my info and Cory's. She will talk about our joint mission on the air. So, I urge all of you to tune-in on MONDAY, July 26th 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time on BBS radio. Go to BBS radio. Click-on Live Talk #1 to hear the show.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dr. Anne Marie Evers' Show on ContactTalkRadio

Okay, so I am a television producer and have been at it since 1985...I don't know jack about radio or how it works especially now that it is on-line live. So, I am learning new things all the time. Yesterday I did a great half-hour interview with a lovely woman from Canada. She had called on Friday asking if I could fill-in for a guest who couldn't participate at the last minute. I said, "you bet!" (always eager to practice interview skills.) Anyway, the half hour went by very quickly but we talked about so many concepts covered in my "Over the Rainbow Bridge" book. I just love talking about my son! Well, she had not had time to read my book yet so her questions were coming from the list of testimonials from folks who have read my book chronicling how Cory's stories changed their lives...and also from the marketing one-sheet I had sent too. We became fast friends and I just loved her sweet nature and the way she views life. We should live with an "attitude of gratitude"...that was my favorite line from Dr. Anne Marie because that describes exactly what I believe too. We talked about positive affirmations. She is the Queen of Affirmations. I loved it too when she told me that she had "ordered up" her husband via affirmations and positive thinking. Her view of the world is inspiring. So, after we hung up at the conclusion of the interview she called me and we talked for another 40 minutes or so. She does workshops on how to create positive affirmations and change your life. I hope to go someday and see what her process is like and also would love to figure out how to do a documentary about her.

This was such a needed interaction yesterday as my husband and I had watched the movie "Taken" the night before. What a scary movie! Especially as parents of three beautiful girls. I urge everyone reading this blog to see the movie and understand that it was changed a bit but the core of the story is based on a real person whose daughter was abducted off a train while traveling with friends and then, they were forced to be sex slaves in a foreign country. It can happen to anyone at anytime so please talk to your kids about keeping themselves safe...no matter their age...don't talk to strangers even if they are handsome and charming and your age. Check out the website for Compassion2one and see what I am talking about. This is a new organization dedicated to rescuing children from traffickers. Before you think this is not in your realm think again. It doesn't just happen in foreign places. According to the Dept of Justice, in our country Seattle is the number ONE spot for kids under 16 being lured by these scumbags. Portland Oregon is number TWO. Be afraid people - your children are at risk.

Now you know why Dr. Anne Marie Evers was a much needed lift for me. My interview with her should be available on-line at the ContactTalkRadio.com site soon in the "archives". And check out Dr. Anne Marie's website too at annemarieevers.com.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Radio Interviews coming up...

May 15th 12:30pm PST - Dr. Anne Marie Evers' - ContactTalkRadio
May 19th 8pm PST - Dr. Linda's "Fire Up Your Soul!" - ContactTalkRadio
May 23rd 7pm PST- Ronda Bertram's "Circles of Sand" - ContactTalkRadio
June 13th 6pm PST-Helen Smalley-Bower "Fine Tune YoU"-BBS Radio
June 25th 8pm PST - Carol Kline's "Streetwise Spirituality"- ContactTalkRadio
Sept 27th 5pm PST - the UNSTOPPABLE Frankie Picasso show - Blogtalkradio

Tune-in and or just pray for me. I would love your feedback too. Anything you can think of to help me improve would be gratefully appreciated!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcoming Radio Shows to Share Over the Rainbow Bridge

My plan was to call every independent bookstore owner or manager in the country. I made it through NC and started on Alaska and Alabama. Then, I sat here in my living room thinking there must be a way to reach more people with my son's message that is the basis for "Over the Rainbow Bridge". I was fondly recalling the fun I had being a guest on the Dr. Pat Show (drpatlive.com--you can go there and put my name in the search and listen to the interview). Then, I got booked on UNSTOPPABLE FRANKIE PICASSO for September 27th at 5pm PST 8pm EST on BlogTalkRadio when I responded to an ask for something else...anyway, I thought geez there must be a lot of other radio shows that might be interested in Cory's story and message. So, I typed in "spiritual radio shows" and by the end of the day I had been contacted by six radio show hosts and have dates for two already! May 19th I will be on "Fire Up Your Soul" at 8pm with Dr. Linda on ContactTalkRadio and then, on June 25th at 8pm on "Streetwise Spirituality" also on ContactTalkRadio. The others will give me dates soon and I will be sure to blog about it. It is a beautiful day in Seattle. Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grief sometimes creeps up out of the most mundane things

If you let it...I am struggling with technology today. It has been one of those days where nothing I try to do on-line is successful. I feel like a dinosaur who just awoke in the middle of a science fiction episode. This struggle made me wonder what my son would have been doing if he was here right now. He would be so wired and able to teach me how to use this new fangled thing called the internet. I tried to pay my real estate taxes...tried to do some on-line banking...tried to hook up with Amazon for some ridiculous reason that I don't even understand! Yep, Cory would have been here cheering me on or giving me a hard time with a big grin on his face. I miss him so much.