Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dr. Anne Marie Evers' Show on ContactTalkRadio

Okay, so I am a television producer and have been at it since 1985...I don't know jack about radio or how it works especially now that it is on-line live. So, I am learning new things all the time. Yesterday I did a great half-hour interview with a lovely woman from Canada. She had called on Friday asking if I could fill-in for a guest who couldn't participate at the last minute. I said, "you bet!" (always eager to practice interview skills.) Anyway, the half hour went by very quickly but we talked about so many concepts covered in my "Over the Rainbow Bridge" book. I just love talking about my son! Well, she had not had time to read my book yet so her questions were coming from the list of testimonials from folks who have read my book chronicling how Cory's stories changed their lives...and also from the marketing one-sheet I had sent too. We became fast friends and I just loved her sweet nature and the way she views life. We should live with an "attitude of gratitude"...that was my favorite line from Dr. Anne Marie because that describes exactly what I believe too. We talked about positive affirmations. She is the Queen of Affirmations. I loved it too when she told me that she had "ordered up" her husband via affirmations and positive thinking. Her view of the world is inspiring. So, after we hung up at the conclusion of the interview she called me and we talked for another 40 minutes or so. She does workshops on how to create positive affirmations and change your life. I hope to go someday and see what her process is like and also would love to figure out how to do a documentary about her.

This was such a needed interaction yesterday as my husband and I had watched the movie "Taken" the night before. What a scary movie! Especially as parents of three beautiful girls. I urge everyone reading this blog to see the movie and understand that it was changed a bit but the core of the story is based on a real person whose daughter was abducted off a train while traveling with friends and then, they were forced to be sex slaves in a foreign country. It can happen to anyone at anytime so please talk to your kids about keeping themselves matter their age...don't talk to strangers even if they are handsome and charming and your age. Check out the website for Compassion2one and see what I am talking about. This is a new organization dedicated to rescuing children from traffickers. Before you think this is not in your realm think again. It doesn't just happen in foreign places. According to the Dept of Justice, in our country Seattle is the number ONE spot for kids under 16 being lured by these scumbags. Portland Oregon is number TWO. Be afraid people - your children are at risk.

Now you know why Dr. Anne Marie Evers was a much needed lift for me. My interview with her should be available on-line at the site soon in the "archives". And check out Dr. Anne Marie's website too at

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