Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Radio Interviews coming up...

May 15th 12:30pm PST - Dr. Anne Marie Evers' - ContactTalkRadio
May 19th 8pm PST - Dr. Linda's "Fire Up Your Soul!" - ContactTalkRadio
May 23rd 7pm PST- Ronda Bertram's "Circles of Sand" - ContactTalkRadio
June 13th 6pm PST-Helen Smalley-Bower "Fine Tune YoU"-BBS Radio
June 25th 8pm PST - Carol Kline's "Streetwise Spirituality"- ContactTalkRadio
Sept 27th 5pm PST - the UNSTOPPABLE Frankie Picasso show - Blogtalkradio

Tune-in and or just pray for me. I would love your feedback too. Anything you can think of to help me improve would be gratefully appreciated!

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