Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day of 2011

I don't know about you but 2011 seemed to fly right on by me... It was an eventfilled year from my viewpoint with highs and lows. Of course the breast cancer was definitely a low and my youngest getting her heart stomped on by a guy she thought was wonderful another low but my eldest daughter giving birth to an angel child is right at the top of the highs! Also, moving to be near the grandsons --especially since it is paradise here a definite HIGH. So, that my friends is life... ups and downs. The other important part of acknowledging that life is a roller coaster ride is in facing down your fears and upsets, looking for the lesson or the good in the situation - hopefully there is at least a tiny bit to see and feel. That said, I am stilled really ticked off at the jerk that hurt my baby girl and given the chance I would smack at least ten or twelve inches off of his giant ego but the civilized part of me has to say, "he did her a favor because clearly he wasn't right for her and she would have come in second to his basketball, which would not have worked in the long run." This is me trying to be forgiving. hah. Anyway, have a safe New Year's Eve defensively and soberly. Much aloha, and let's all cheer for the onset of 2012. It's going to be another awesome year to be alive on this beautiful planet. Live aloha!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saying Good-bye Is So Hard

So, my last post was about the importance of family at holiday time. Well, I got up early on Christmas morning and since everyone else was still asleep I signed in to Facebook to catch up on my friends' goings on. I read with sadness that my dear friend's mom had passed that morning. Ten years ago my father died on Christmas Eve so I know how hard the holidays hit when grieving the loss of someone you love but Christmas morning has got to be worse. My prayers and my heart and my hugs are being sent to all of Nancy's loved ones. Nancy, you will be missed but we all know that you are free of pain and singing in God's choir now. To Shari, Mike, Michelle, Christopher, Christine, Paul and Kathy, et al... sit with your memories of when Nancy was alive and well. Those memories will help ease the pain. Even though it is hard to say good-bye, sometimes it is a blessing. Grief is a natural by-product of saying a permanent good-bye to a loved is not a mental illness that needs curing. Grief is what it is and you have to go through it---feel it --- and face it. You can't ignore it, run from it or deny it. If you try - it will come back to bite you in the you know where when you least expect it. I have seen that happen too many times. Live Aloha.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Importance of Family

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 2011. What a year this has been! I am so grateful for the love of my husband, daughters, grandsons, etc. This is the time of year when being close to family really matters. I am away from my husband for the first time in 26 years... we can handle it but it wasn't by choice and it doesn't feel all that great but I do have my daughters, grandsons and soon to be son-in-law right here and that feels wonderful. So, be kind to each other and enjoy the next few weeks---hopefully with your loved ones. This is also the time of year when you miss those who have crossed over the rainbow bridge already. Say a prayer and refresh your memories of the good times you shared with those who aren't here in body any longer. I miss ya Grandpa, Cory, Mom, Dad, Annie, Michael, Alycia and so many others. Too many. God's blessings and Live aloha!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life lessons from a baby

My new little grandson lights up the room with his presence. You just look at him and he bursts into a gigantic smile that fills his whole face...but its his twinkling eyes that takes my breath away. If you have ever watched America's Next Top Model you know what schmizing is...smiling with your eyes. Keoni has that perfected. Babies are so pure and Keoni is pure joy. Which brings me to my observation about older humans. I work at a booth at the harbor where people come to go on whale watching tours, snorkeling adventures, fishing expeditions, etc. It is shocking to see people of all ages (but not babies) who are on vacation -- some for the first time to Maui walking by with scowls on their faces! And some people are so grouchy! I just want to say, you saved your money and counted down the days til your trip was to start and you get over here and you cannot smile??? Please people if you can't have a good attitude in sunny tropical GORGEOUS Maui - you've got a problem. And for all those pouty little tweens and teenagers stay home already. Do you know how many kids don't get to vacation on Maui? I am so glad that I get to come home to the schmizing eyes of a truly happy baby!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthday Memories

Today is Keili Elisabeth's birthday. I woke up calculating what we were doing 23 years ago. With the time difference between Hawaii and North Carolina I decided that my husband, my older daughter Brie and my mom were with me in the post-recovery room with the new baby bundled up and being passed from one to the other of us. What a warm feeling I got remembering that time. I called my husband to thank him for helping create such a beautiful child. Then because times being what they are -- I got on FB and wrote my daughter a quick Happy Birthday message. I am sure she isn't up yet. But, the cool part was that on her FB page there were already dozens of birthday greetings to her. She will wake up and turn on her I-Phone and read all the great messages...what a treat. Time goes by way too fast. I cannot believe she is already 23. What a blessing to have her in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me the privilege of raising and nurturing such a beautiful soul. Another reminder friends, life is short...cherish those you love and tell them as often as you can. I love you all.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

writing down my thoughts....

Okay, I am trying to write here more regularly. I once read that famous author and my grandmother's cousin Jack London forced himself to sit down and write for at least 20-30 minutes a day. I admire that and want to emulate his work ethic. I have been out of whack the past two days and have laid low. This gave me too much time to think about life. Is it my imagination or has there been more violent crimes-more women who have disappeared and a lot of little kids who have allegedly been snatched from their homes? How many of those were later found out to be that the parents killed him or her? Too many is the answer. It is unthinkable to me. My son died from a horrible disease and I would give anything to have had a positive outcome. I cherish the memories I have of him and to think that these monsters had healthy children who they beat, burned, drowned, or whatever...makes me beyond sad. Love your children. Hug them and tell them how much you love them every opportunity you get. Same goes for your parents, siblings and friends. Life is short---eat dessert first.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Using puppies for research----really????

Am I the only person who is outraged to find out that there is an organization rescuing beagle dogs who have been caged up and used for experiments their entire lives???? The video of these sad little defenseless doggies too afraid to leave their crates and touch grass with their paws is heartbreaking and makes me really angry. What is wrong with our society? What are they doing to these dogs? Are they using kittens too? Lord have mercy! Are we talking cosmetics, cancer research or cold capsules? I am still stunned just thinking about those little doe eyed faces filled with fear.