Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aloha Means Love

"Aloha" also means hello and good-bye. What a wonderful almost first week it has been here in paradise. My grandbaby Keoni is the sweetest little guy. He really never cries. All you have to do is look at him and breaks into the biggest brightest smile! He is pure love and pure joy. He talks all the time and it is so fun to listen to him jabber. I think he comes by it honestly. My Keawe is still as sweet as ever too. My daughter really lucked out getting two sweet, calm, happy sons in a row. She should probably not risk having another child cuz there is no way she can be lucky three times. Although it would be good for her to get a gnarly little girl baby. haha. Life is good and even though I miss Steve, Miranda, Maile and Koa I am having a wonderful time here. Live aloha!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Is Short And So Random Sometimes

So make the best of the time you have...that is one of Cory's best lessons. You never know when your life will end or be severely impacted. We are all one heartbeat away from the end of our lives that much is clear. I have had dinner with several of my dear friends this week and each one is having serious concerns about her parents' health and quality of life. Two other friends of mine each had a parent cross over the bridge. So much sadness even though both had lived pretty long lives. Then, I found out that another friend who is only 40 is suffering from a brain bleed---how random is that? No one knows how or why it started bleeding and are struggling with what to do about it. More evidence that we must live each day the best we can and be our best selves. Live with a grateful heart!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life Changes For the Good!

Life changes are in the air! Big ones at that... Have you ever just had such a strong "knowing" inside? Might be intuition...might be caused by indigestion...who knows? But, I often get that sense of knowing that something is going to happen and it does. Or that I am not fitting in or I feel fear creeping up my spine for what appears to be no reason. And then something major hits me in the face! Well, I have felt restless for a number of years...the sense that I should no longer be living in the cold, dark, dreary, depressing Pacific Northwest. I talked to my better half about it and at one point we considered Wilmington North Carolina but that went by the wayside. Then, on vacation before we had even left the freakin' airport my sweet husband thought the Big Island of Hawaii was the place for us. Well, that changed again because my daughter moved with our grandson to Maui. So, that is now the place. Especially since she brought a new little grandson into the world recently. Life changes for her...and now for the whole family. Aloha Seattle on September 19th...