Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Is Short And So Random Sometimes

So make the best of the time you have...that is one of Cory's best lessons. You never know when your life will end or be severely impacted. We are all one heartbeat away from the end of our lives that much is clear. I have had dinner with several of my dear friends this week and each one is having serious concerns about her parents' health and quality of life. Two other friends of mine each had a parent cross over the bridge. So much sadness even though both had lived pretty long lives. Then, I found out that another friend who is only 40 is suffering from a brain bleed---how random is that? No one knows how or why it started bleeding and are struggling with what to do about it. More evidence that we must live each day the best we can and be our best selves. Live with a grateful heart!

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