Friday, April 29, 2011

Yet Another Life Lesson in Gratitude

So, I have not had the energy to post in the past few weeks. I have had yet another confirmation that cancer sucks. I was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer. In the giant scheme of things that is not that horrible even though it was not a pleasant thing to hear from the doctor. And in general people freak out when they hear the "C" word....but, it could have been so much worse! I feel so blessed that it was caught early - get those mammos girls! and in trying to make sense of it for my own sake, I have realized that it gives me a reason to count my blessings...a wake up call to be grateful for the fabulous man I am married to...the wonderful daughters and grandson I have and my terrifc future son-in-law who adores my daughter. Life is good even though my body has betrayed me. I will be having the lumpectomy in a few weeks and radiation afterwards but that is so minor because at one point the surgeon was talking mastectomy. So, I hope you all had a good Easter as I did. He is risen!

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