Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barnes and Noble Lahaina and It's a Small World!

I got so carried away describing my grandsons that I failed to give you all an update on my book signing at Barnes and Noble. What a great day it was! Again, I met such lovely people. The staff (s awesome)and all of the locals and those on vacation. The funniest was three people stopped by and one woman picked up my book. She said it looked familiar. So, we all started chatting and upon examining the back cover her friend said, "you live in West Seattle? So do I!" Haha we live about two miles away from each other on the same street! So, we determined that the first friend had seen my book in the West Seattle Herald when it was first published. Small world. The GM there told me that I could come back any time and sign books! Such an example of aloha spirit.

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