Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parents/Grief/Over the Rainbow Bridge/lessons

When I woke up this morning my head was filled with thoughts about my son, his lessons, how parents normally react to a child's death and what it meant for me. Here is what was swirling around in my head.

Most parents who suffer the death of a child let it define the rest of their lives.

Many are battered and broken.

Not me, I am in the survivor group – I started support groups, conducted grief workshops, revitalized a sagging non-profit and marched on Capitol Hill to tell lawmakers why research money is needed for children’s cancers.

And now, I have written an inspiring book about my son’s journey from a healthy happy three-year-old to the little teacher whose insights were hailed worldwide by famed ‘death and dying’ author and researcher Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross…Seattle school children and also his friend, The Hoff.

Over the Rainbow Bridge (My son’s journey from here to Heaven) is a page turner that will crack you up with laughter and make you cry. The book chronicles the experiences shared by Cory from birth to crossing over the Rainbow Bridge to a place he called Summerland. It is not maudlin or sappy but honest and full of hope.

Cory counseled suicidal teens at his school. Kubler-Ross used his stories and drawings in her grief workshops where thousands of people learned from him. He taught me to live with a grateful heart…for having had such a wonderful child for nine years and for my many blessings.

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