Monday, September 20, 2010

Spokane is an awesome little city!

I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Spokane, Washington. My friend Linnea Sallberg and I had a grand time. The night we arrived a friend of Linnea's invited us to her lovely home for dinner. Her name is Brenda and she was the perfect hostess. We had great food and even better conversation until 11pm. I really enjoyed meeting Brenda. She is a survivor and a truly special lady. She hosts hockey players in addition to having a teenaged son. There's a special place in heaven for Brenda.

The next day, Linnea took me to a Xocai Healthy Chocolate seminar and it was very informative. Isn't it amazing that chocolate has been discovered to be the perfect SUPERFOOD???? Being a devout chocoholic this news really made me happy. I swear to you --- I could get up with the best of 'em and declare, "Hello, my name is Shirley and I am a chocoholic." So, anyway, Linnea is building her business on this wonderfully healthy and extremely yummy chocolate. If any of you are interested in partnering with Linnea I would be happy to introduce you to each other.

I also did a book signing at Auntie's Books on Main St. in downtown Spokane. What a terrific book store. And I LOVE bookstores. This one had everything. It had a little cafe, a pottery/art shop in the back and it was such a quaint location. I wish I had sold more books that day but I did leave a supply there for sale. I am donating 30% of the proceeds of those books sold at Auntie's to the Spokane chapter of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation.

We were invited to the Inland NW Candlelighters' candle light vigil on Saturday. Just about froze my toes and tush off. I foolishly thought Spokane was warmer than Seattle so didn't even bring a jacket. Big mistake. Anyway, I was asked to speak about Bereavement. It was a good turnout and I enjoyed practicing my public speaking.

Then, Linnea and I drove over to Coeur d' alene for a quick look. What a cute downtown... I had never been there. I usually just blow by on I-90. Then, we hightailed it back to Spokane and enjoyed some pie. (not so healthy but good).

Anyway, I could live there. Not sure my political beliefs would fit and it is pretty white but what a lovely small city with a big heart.

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