Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T.C. My Cat

Well, I just wanted to say that grief comes in all sizes. Last week Steve was out back chatting with a neighbor over the backyard fence. It seems that this neighbor noticed he hadn't seen our cat for a few days. Steve came in and asked me and lo and behold I had thought it odd that he hadn't been in for breakfast since the day before... not dinner the previous night either. So, Steve went outside and asked the guy why he had made such an observation and he said, "well, our cat and our neighbor's cat have both been missing for a day and a half." So, Steve and I went for a walk and talked to various people asking if they had seen T.C. He was a very friendly cat and loved to drop in on our neighbors from time to time. No one had seen him. We made it up the block and found out that 4 cat's on our block all disappeared. Apparently coyotes that have been sighted near greenbelts and large parks on the other side of West Seattle have made their way into the more urban neighborhoods. There are missing cat signs everywhere! And my heart is broken. He was the coolest cat. Very friendly, didn't kill birds and rodents and bring them in the house. He was just mellow and loved to cuddle at night. I am writing a letter to the mayor's office to ask that they send animal control out to round up the coyotes and send them back to the wild. People also mentioned that there haven't been any raccoons around lately either. I don't very much care about them but I am mourning the death of my little kitty boy who was only 8 years old and all of the other pets whose owners are sad too.

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