Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love this review!!!

It appears I only know a tiny bit of Shirley Enebrad....when there’s at least two or three lifetimes worth of this woman! I’m truly blown away...on many levels. It’s taken me two days to put my thoughts and feelings together, before I could respond to you, the book, the journey.
First of all....I read it in two days. Not an easy task for me (busy schedule; distractions; slow reader!). I’ve only done this one other time, when Shawn H gave me a book to read “The Things I Want Most”....that was when Shawn sucked me into her life!
I’ve already made a mental list of who is getting this book for Christmas. My girlfriend whose sister committed suicide on Father’s Day 1987, for one. I always told her I thought Collette’s depression was a horrible brain/mental cancer that she couldn’t live with any longer. So she did her own version of mercy killing. A great explanation of what she was dealing with in the here and now, but until Cory told me where people go when they commit suicide I always anguished with what religions have told me. Thank you Cory!!! I’m sure it will bring some comfort to my friend Michelle, unless she’s already there.
OMGosh....I laughed out loud so many times. And anguished....and cried....and smiled. You are like the Army, the Navy and the Marines all in one! And Cory....what a wonder. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to say or do next! have to tell me...what airline am I forever boycotting!?!?!?!
You have opened my eyes and mind and heart to so much. And all of it, inspirational. I have never really feared death, but reading the book....I actually found myself looking forward to it!
Then the technical side of book. The writing, the flow...I was fascinated by the storytelling process. How did you do it? How long did it take? I kept thinking, “Shirley wrote this did she sequence everything so perfectly? Was that as funny to everyone that read that part? Shirley wrote this book!”
Well, that was just a few things I was able to process in the past two days. I can’t thank you enough for sharing it, and Cory with me. I will forever treasure it (and probably read it again – something I’ve rarely done too – but I already find myself drawn back to it). More importantly I suppose, and I promise...I will pay it forward. Like I said, I have several people in mind that will appreciate this wonderful, inspirational story.
You are an amazing woman, Shirley! What a gift you are and have.
Be well,
Nicole M

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