Saturday, January 7, 2012

Power of Friendship

I moved from my home town a few months ago where I had quite a number of really great friends...mostly girlfriends. I miss them. It has been difficult to meet women my own age here and that is okay but it just makes me miss my female circles from Seattle more. Well, that just puts me on FB and email more often. I recently put out a FB plea for help finding someone who would help me promote OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE for little or no money. My dear friend Suzi Hedrick Beerman connected me via her friend Jinx to Nikki Orzel. OMG! I love this woman. I sent her a copy of my book so she could read it and maybe come up with some great ideas for how to help me. She called me this week and we talked for nearly two and a half hours! I feel like we have known each other forever. She felt the same way and has now done an email introduction of me to her circle of fabulous women friends. I hope to one day meet them all in-person but in the meantime, it has given me a real boost to have expanded my list of fabulous female friends. Friendship is so important and I cherish all of my friends male or female. Plus this week I have been in contact with Barb my dear friend from thirty years ago. Anyway, I have been spending my free time writing short stories. Barb has helped me tremendously by reading them and giving me feedback. I also heard via email or cell from Heather, cousin Gail, sister Penny, cousin Sue and so many others via Facebook. I love you all!

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