Saturday, January 21, 2012

Re-connecting with old friends!

I was so pleasantly surprised this week when out of the blue I received an email from my son's 1st grade teacher Teresa Goethe. This was as a result of one of those six degrees of separation or small world deals because there is a class photograph in my book on page 100 where Teresa and the kids are sitting in rows. Well, someone she works with now - 30 years later recognized her while reading my book. So she approached Teresa at work with this information. Anyway, long story short - Teresa dug out some photos from that school year - photos I had never seen before...she scanned them and emailed them to me. What a treat! I cried of course and then immediately posted them on my Facebook page to share with my friends and family members who either knew him, loved him or knew of him from reading my book. If any of you out there who read this blog have pictures to share with me - please do! Aloha!

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