Saturday, February 18, 2012

The C Word Sucks

Overstating the obvious is one of my many talents. My sister will have surgery on the 27th of this month remove a 1B non-small cell tumor from her lung. She will have to have follow up chemo...I was lucky that I didn't have to do that part for my treatment journey last May. Can you believe that she and I both had the big C word diagnosis within the same year? And then there's my friend Kathi Goertzen who is continuing to battle a benign growth that is intertwined in her brain stem. Lord! The poor girl has had so many damn surgeries it is heartbreaking. Just the other day she spent an entire day in a three phase surgery. So, guess what? Benign tumors are still hell. She is one helluva fighter though and recuperating quite well but why does this crap keep happening? Life is so random. So, the lesson here is that we must all live our lives like each day could be our last. Don't waste time being petty, fearful, or awful. Go out and live fully and love completely. Practice aloha....


  1. Sorry for using the word "sucks" as it is not a favorite word of mine but sometimes it is the only word that fits the circumstance.

  2. Also, some of you loyal followers have noticed that I haven't been blogging---well, some do-do head hacked my email so I switched to gmail. When that happened the blogspot folks at Google changed the format of the blogging site and I have been unable to access my blog because they want to send the instructions and confirmation info to my old email address! I have tried off and on since February and it is now June. So, I am on hold right now with Google tech support to see if they can help me. If not, I will start a new blog via my website and let this one die as I can't even figure out how to delete it. Google should be lots easier than it is proving to be. I will keep you posted. Aloha!