Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life is a Journey --that should be enjoyed!

Life is a beautiful journey with many peaks and valleys. Sometimes the valleys seem too deep but if we just look up and keep trudging we can see the beauty ahead of created by God. I am not going to get all churchy because it is too early in the morning for me to do that but I just wanted to share that most of our life lessons are learned in the valleys. When we are on the peaks it feels so good that we tend to enjoy it and not look down or up for that matter. I am a typical mother who worries about her kids and grandchildren. I can't help it. So, their valleys are my valleys and sometimes it is a good reminder to let them experience the valleys for their own growth but at other times it is very scary to watch as one of them keeps walking into the thicket...or worse is allowing herself to be lead into dangerous areas...when all she really needs to do is LOOK UP. God will lead her out of the darkness if she would just look up. Sigh. Life is a gift. aloha.

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