Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tsunami Warnings and Loving Lady Gaga

Well, another horrific tragedy in sad for so many. My personal story about that day is that we were in a coastal beachside resort in Flamingos an area north of Puerto Vallarta. I wasn't using my cell phone because it was on International roaming but I checked it periodically to make sure there wasn't an emergency back home or with the girls. Well, I woke up turned on my phone and there was a text from my daughter Brie. She lives across the road and one short block in from the beach park just across from Canoe's in Lahaina. The text read, "we went to high ground". OMG! I flung the bedding off of me and dashed to the television. There on CNN were the devastating scenes of the waves crushing the boats, cars bobbing like beach balls and of course, the homes being destroyed. I knew when I saw Brie's message that there was a tsunami unleashed and heading towards Hawaii. I texted her back and tried to call too. I didn't care that it was basically 3am where she is...I also tried to get in touch with Keili. I wasn't as worried about her because I knew that her apartment is not that close to Waikiki and in fact is on the eastside of the H-1. So, I waited a while to call her. Of course I woke her and guess what??? She was staying in a hotel at Waikiki! Her roommate's mother was in town and they had spent the night with her...right at the freakin' beach! Several of my hairs turned grey on the spot. That child! Anyway, it turned out to be fine for them. The damage to Maui was on the opposite side of the island and virtually no damage on Oahu. So, as we watched the news coverage we realized that the stupid tsunami was heading for the West coast and that included exactly where we were staying at our beautiful resort in Flamingos. Ha! Well, we went to breakfast and there were people strolling the the water...out on kayaks, etc. But, the only sign that our resort managers knew something was up was the lack of beach chairs on the sand. Eventually it all worked out and we really never felt nervous or scared (no wonder Keili thinks she's invincible huh?) and we never even saw a blip on the water so it really by-passed our part of Mexico. We felt lucky compared to those poor souls in Japan. And the whole thing prompted us to talk about life death and to take stock in how lucky we were. I am praying for those affected by the earthquake and the tsunami. Since I worked on the documentary "On Shaky Ground" in the beginning of my television career - I know too much, which makes things scary and just enough to keep a clear head but when it is happening and your kids are so far away and potentially in the path of destruction, you just have to take stock.

I also want to add that I am a fan of Lady Gaga. She immediately created a bracelet to support the relief effort in Japan and got it on her webshop. I already liked her because of her project with MAC cosmetics to raise funds for people affected by AIDS especially in Africa. She is a true "Sacred Heart" girl who lives her baptism and the values taught to her by the nuns of the Sacred Heart at 91st Street. Keili's same order from Forest Ridge. These all-girls' schools focus on giving girls their voice and teaching them to think globally with deep commitment to helping others. Go Gaga!

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