Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Having the courage to stand up and do the right thing is instilled in us from childhood. I think that courage is displayed in many ways. Standing up to bullies is one... bucking your peers and doing the right thing as opposed to the popular thing is another. Facing down a life-threatening illness with dignity is true courage. Some do it with flair while others do it quietly. If you have ever observed kids who are coping with cancer you know that they are usually doing it quietly but they are made of steel. I know many adults who have had cancer. Again, some handle it well others do not. I have never seen a child or teen patient do it badly. I especially am blown away by the young ones such as Cory who adapt and get on with it. They don't whine and fuss. They take their treatments like little soldiers and continue the battle. Then, they play. We adults need to be more like them.

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