Monday, November 9, 2009

Past Present and Future

When people hear that my son had "out of body" experiences for a year and a half before he died they react in two ways... they either look at me like I have two heads or they are relieved to hear that there is an afterlife...a heaven or Summerland as Cory called it. I had the most incredible experiences myself recently when my friend April and I went to a picturesque little village in Western NY. It's called Lily Dale. It is an hour Southwest of Buffalo. The setting was wonderful. Beautiful trees and a serene little body of water called Cassadaga Lake. The buildings are original from when the village was built by people whose religion is called Spiritualism and they are called Spiritualists---130 years ago. The most incredible thing though was the history of this village and why it is famous. There are 44 registered mediums there between mid-June and Labor Day. I am telling you it was fascinating. In fact, I am trying to work out a deal to go back and do a television series on the place. Well, I won't tell you the whole story today but just know that when I think something is woo most certainly is. I got to have conversations with several friends and relatives who are in spirit...including my son Cory. I loved it. I bought a book about the village's history and you will not believe what happened???!!! The author made a reference to the spiritualists' version of heaven. They call it "Summerland." More next time....

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