Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day and Grief Issues

It just occurred to me how much grief surrounds Veterans' Day. I don't want to sound old but most young people have no idea what this "holiday" is about. If my dad hadn't been a paratrooper in WWII (most of his brothers served that war too)I probably wouldn't know or want to know. It is just plain sad when you think about how many lives are affected by wars or conflicts whichever description fits... I remember when my brother came back from Viet Nam...wounded...disillusioned...guilt ridden and for what? He told me that they kept fighting over the same piece of dirt. It didn't take long for the guys to figure out they were in a lose lose situation. My dad never really got over his war experiences. I am not sure my brother has either. He doesn't talk about it. I was once madly in love with someone who had PTSD from Viet Nam. There was no way I could continue the relationship once I realized just how bad off he was. What can we expect? You put a young man or some are even teenagers...out there with a gun and maybe the worst act of violence they ever suffered was on the football field in high school and how are they supposed to cope with the emotions of killing another human being or watching others be killed around them? Grief is a lifetime struggle for so many. I salute all of the young men and women who are in our armed forces fighting for our freedom but I really wish they didn't have to kill or be killed.

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