Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Take it or leave it" means freedom to share

Writing a book about your personal life is an intense process. It takes an attitude of "this is who I am, take it or leave it." Good thing I was born with that attitude. At least that is what it feels like after all these years. Back to my original point---laying yourself out there with all your warts and insecurities really does take guts. My naturopath told me yesterday that she is in the midst of reading my book and if she didn't already know me she would have thought I was way out there with what I wrote in Over the Rainbow Bridge, My son's journey... I chuckle now but in retrospect, I don't think Cory's experiences or mine for that matter were so unusual. Since the book came out I have had so many people share with me woo woo experiences they have had and had not told anyone before. Cory and I have given people permission to share things that they have long kept hidden because of the fear of not being taken seriously or not being believed. That is really pretty cool when you think about it. Feel free to share! Get it off your chest...Share it right here if you want. It will could you feel better.

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