Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Sacred Heart Girl Is Back On Track!

Well, my mom's jubilation of having my youngest with me was short lived... she figured out very quickly that Maui was too boring for her taste. So, I saw her off at the airport again this afternoon. I will miss her but its the best thing for her. She is much stronger and so much more like her old self...Thank the Lord. The illness and surgery took a toll on her and it was great to see her feeling positive about her future and looking forward to getting on with it. She learned some valuable lessons about relationships and especially about rebound relationships not being the best idea. So, now she is happily looking forward to someday having a puppy instead. Again, thank the Lord!

We lost another loved one last week..I got news from my cousin Ralph that our cousin Jimmy had crossed over the rainbow bridge. I hadn't even heard that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. But he died from an infection caused by the removal of a skin growth. You just never know what life will bring. It is a moment by moment existence we live. So, everyone out there --- live your life to the fullest. It can change in a heartbeat. Jimmy's death was a reminder to me that love should be expressed loudly and often. Aloha!

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