Saturday, November 26, 2011


Aloha! Lately and especially this week of "thanks giving" I have been fortunate enough to reconnect with friends I hadn't talked to or seen in a while. What fun I had with my dear friend Jamie Williams Jensen while she was here on the island. It had been way too long! Then, I had recently talked on the phone with Jeff Poth. He is someone I have known since Jr. High School. In fact, we were almost related. His older brother Michael was one of my very first true loves. For those of you who have read "Over the Rainbow Bridge" Michael was my friend that Cory met in Summerland. He died a year after he had suffered a broken neck and brain injuries sustained while swimming and jumping off the giant boulders at Green River Gorge. Anyway, Jeff and I chatted recently and then I sent him and his wife Deb a Thanksgiving text and we exchanged emails and family photographs. I hadn't seen Deb since Jeff's dad passed away and I hadn't seen Jeff since I ran into him in an elevator at the King County Courthouse a few years back. Their kids are all grown up and doing well. Just love to hear that my friends have done well for themselves. Such a treat since Jeff was always more like my little brother - even though he's at least 6'4" maybe 6'5" tall! I am truly thankful for the many friends that have made my life that much more interesting...fulfilling and rewarding. Mahalo friends...Aloha!

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