Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scratching My Head

Aloha. Well, I am totally on my high horse this morning after reading stories on-line that are so disturbing. First, a story from Port Angeles Washington where a couple murdered a woman whom they had been friends with for 13 years. The man who did the deed with his bare hands is likely to get life in prison. His girlfriend/accomplice might get 11 months! Yeah, because this is a first offense. What the hell is wrong with the system? A few years back two cars with four to five kids in each drove up to a Seattle high school in broad day light. A passenger in the first car opened fire and killed a 16 year old girl. The prosecutors charged all of the kids in both cars the same. Now, one could argue that it was entirely possible that the kids in the second car had no idea that this dumb ass was going to shoot and kill someone. I would also speculate that not all of the kids in the car the shooter was riding in had known he would do such a stupid reckless thing...BUT, they all got charged with the same crime and they all got sent to prison. As I recall this was a first offense for all of the kids in both cars. Where was the leniency then? Was it because they weren't white kids? All of the kids were Filipinos and the victim was a beautiful young woman who was at least part white. Why should this young woman in Port Angeles get leniency? Who is making these ridiculous decisions? The other story that has me riled up is that Barbara Walters included the Kardashians in her special about Most Fascinating People. Give us all a HUGE break Babs and stop giving these people airtime. Using someone for ratings...showing naked yoga...talking about enemas...butt implants... and whatever else these silly crass - albeit filthy rich - people do...but I for one am sick of our society making people like them celebrities. For what? The only notable things they have done are based in negative nasty gross behavior. Enough already!!! Barbara you should be ashamed.

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